Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome aboard

I read a few blogs, and apparently it's some type of requirement that I have a catchy theme complete with cool nickname for where I live. This will be a bit of a challenge for me, as I live in a fairly basic apartment. It seems odd to name it "Festung X" or "The Good Ship Y" when I'm paying rent and mocking a management who seems to use tenant events as a way to check up on who doesn't have a job and can come for bbq in the middle of a work day.

In any case, I suppose a bit of an intro is needed. Well, not really needed per se as I doubt anyone I'm not already friends with will bother reading this. Nonetheless the formalities must be observed, much like a dead eyed fast food employee wishing you Good Day shortly after expectorating in your "food."

I was raised mostly by wimmins, and I tend to think and communicate in a more feminine way than most guys. Nowhere is this more evident than with kids. I'm a total girl about them, and I find it personally offensive that people who ship their kids off to public schools every day act like I'm John Wayne freakin' Gacy because I'm a man who likes holding babies. I'm looking at you church women.

I'm 26, one of those dang fundy Christians who take it all serious like, and either a very conservative libertarian or a very libertarian conservative depending on the issue. If you aren't offended by at least one of my political beliefs you probably haven't talked to me about politics enough. I enjoy taunting feminists, hippies, and Emocrats. I like guns. A lot. I know more about guns than any other subject, and apparently more than most gun shop employees. Not a terribly grand feat given the generally low hiring standards, but still...

I was an infantry Marine who did a tour in Iraq then got separated for medical issues. No I do not want to talk to you about it. I don't care what you think about the war in Iraq, President Bush, Halliburton, or Black Water. No really, you can just go ahead and shut up now. Ask me some retarded question like "So you ever kill anyone over there?" and I can pretty much guarantee we aren't gonna be friends. If you have a "War is terrorism" bumper sticker or endorse the concept please don't talk to me as restraining my punching reflex gives me a charley horse.

I work as an apprentice building engineer in a high rise in Seattle. This basically means I'm learning to be an especially fancy pants kind of maintenance guy. I really like it, and would just like to take this opportunity to formally state that the views and commentary expressed here in no way reflects the views of my company.

I have a variety of hobbies, and not enough money to get too involved in any one. I'm learning to play bass, I run and play DnD and other pen and paper RPG's every chance I get, and read almost obsessively. I think fountain pens and knives are both very interesting and utilitarian, and enjoy learning about them as well as using them.

I'm married to an exceptionally loving and beautiful lady. I've been blessed in a lot of ways, but she's the best one. I attend The Downtown Church in Bellevue, and help to run sound.

In this blog I'll be rambling on about pretty much anything that catches my fancy. Feel free to comment; I'm one of those weird people who actually listens to people who disagree with me and I've even been known to reconsider my positions when presented with a logical objection. Crazy, right?


  1. ZOMG, you were one of those icky terrorister Marines! I bet you killed fifty eight million women and children in Bag-Dad with your icky firearms! I saw it on the interwebz, so it must be true.


    - RD

  2. A guy in my building has one of those "war is terrorism" stickers on his wall, I was proud of my restraint in not defenestrating his useless ass.