Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The first thing we do...

let's kill all the lawyers. A justly famous line from Shakespeare's Henry VI few people today realize that in the time period it was written, the lawyers were the ones who created the law. Politicians, we call them today.

While it's taken out of context, I can't help but approve of the sentiment. I'm reminded of this by the "slobbering journalistic fellatio" currently being awarded to the Hero of the Chappaquidick, Ted Kennedy. After the affection lavished on that infamous child molester Michael Jackson I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but the depths of stupidity humanity is capable of never cease to disgust me. A look at the history of the Kennedy family shows some stellar behaviour; buying their way to power with money earned bootlegging, supporting the Nazis, killing Mary Jo Kopechne, and buying or intimidating their way out of any number of rapes, drug and alcohol charges, and general massive hypocrisy. In my mind, they represent the state of American politics well. A ruling rather than representative class. I think many in the halls of Congress today would have fit right in around the throne of George III. It sickens me that the Constitution I swore to protect and defend is so generally abused by these useless looters, and I can only hope they've turned the heat up a bit too much and the frog will wake up before it's too late.

In any case, one more murderering hypocrite who dedicated his life to destroying my freedom and desecrating the document he swore to protect has gone to meet his judgement. While I'm sure his replacement will follow in his vilely oppressive footsteps, it still gladdens my heart to see someone who hates all I love die. And unlike when they hung Saddam, this is a person who directly hurt me.


  1. I'm sick of the "respect the dead" mantra, too. Sometimes the dead don't deserve to be respected, they deserve to be condemned so that nobody follows in their footsteps.
    The 'lion of the senate' isn't preying on the American public any more.

  2. "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." Mark Twain